PMBOK® Sixth Edition Change – Close Procurements

In the first quarter of 2018 there will be a change to the PMP Certification test.  It will be transitioning from the fifth edition to the sixth edition.  One of the changes I am excited about is the removal of the Close Procurements phase.  My experience is that I have never had to “officially” close a procurement.  I have planned, conducted, and controlled procurements, but when it came to the official closing, it was handled by someone in a different department that focused on contracts. So, what does that mean? Project managers no longer have to worry about it? Not exactly. For testing purposes, you need to realizes that the “Close Procurements” phase has been split.


Evaluating deliverables to see if they fulfill contracts has been moved into the Control Procurements. Any records, communications, or administrative info has been moved to the Close Project or Phase.


Hopefully this information helps. I love it because it brings it more in line with my real-life experiences.

About the author: Dan Jones